November 9, 2010

The end of an era / El fin de una era

This pencilled image is the end of an era. I didn't get bored with my 2B pencils, but after this drawing I devoted time and effort to master nib and chinese ink. Thus, this is the last drawing with gray tones, from now won, everything else will be black as ink...

Este dibujo a lápiz marca el fin de una era. No es que me aburriera de mis lápices 2B, pero a partir de este momento le dediqué mayor tiempo y esfuerzo a la plumilla y a la tinta china. Por lo tanto, este es el último dibujo de tonos grises, a partir de ahora solamente habrá lugar para la negra tinta...

                            Dibujo basado en una fotografía publicada en la revista Somos (2009)


  1. Hello,

    You also have a very great blog and i think this art is all made by you. Congratulation for this big work !


  2. Opps, forget, here iam alcapone0001.
    Have a nice Day!

  3. Thank you! I feel quite flattered. But allow me to say "the best is yet to come".

    Seriously I'll be posting more interesting stuff soon.