April 21, 2014


It seems to me as if, for the past few days, we’ve been prompted to choose sides. Bryan Singer (director of the upcoming “X-Men: Days of Future Past”) has been sued for sexually molesting a 15 year old boy in 1998. Some consider his accuser (Michael Egan) to be a liar, and others are ready to attack the filmmaker, labeling him as a pedophile. Nevertheless, in our hastiness, we are forgetting Aristotle's law of excluded middle, and we’re letting sensationalistic press to form (or rather deform) our judgment.

Until more evidences comes to the surface, I cannot corroborate nor deny the veracity of Mr. Egan’s accusations, but regardless of the outcome of this lawsuit, Singer is now on the spotlight. After a preliminary inspection, Egan’s claims appeared to be salacious and untrue. First of all, this is a civil lawsuit, which means that even if Singer is found guilty on all charges, he is not going to be criminally prosecuted. The one and only purpose of a civil lawsuit is to obtain a reparation, id est, a monetary settlement (in this particular case, the initial amount is 300,000 dollars and an additional sum decided by the court). Creating this public relations nightmare only a month before the premiere of Singer’s new film looks extremely convenient for Egan. To hush it all up and minimize bad publicity, Singer (or anyone in his place) would probably consider paying a large sum of money before the situation gets out of hand.
and BRAD RENFRO were sexually abused
by Hollywood pedophiles.
Suicide and accidental drug overdose
sent them all to their graves
while they were still young.

Some have pointed out that there are precedents of Singer’s misbehavior. In fact, in 1997 three teenagers who acted as extras in Singer’s “Apt Pupil” pressed charges against the director and his filming crew. The three boys said that they were not informed that they would have to be completely naked during a shower scene and that their genitals were photographed by one of Singer’s cameramen. I have studied these allegations at length and I consider them to be unsubstantiated. There were dozens of extras and only three considered something suspicious was going on; besides, all extras and their parents or legal guardians were informed of the need for nudity during the shower scene. Those who were uncomfortable or too young would appear instead on the locker room scene, wearing towels around their waists and/or underwear. Even the boys who sued Singer admitted that, when they refused to remove their underwear, they were simply relocated to the locker room.

Others have tried to smear Singer’s reputation by pointing out his preference towards twinks. Nevertheless if a 48-year-old man decides to date an 18-year-old boy, then that is his prerogative and there is nothing illegal about that. It is an “open secret” that Bryan Singer and Roland Emmerich (both openly gay directors) organize raucous parties in which hundreds of young men struggle to be selected for “private casting sessions”; and although it is morally reprehensible of them to abuse of their popularity or status as successful Hollywood directors, still there is nothing illegal about these activities.

So without any precedents of misconduct and with the opportunistic date of Mr. Egan’s accusations, I was ready to disregard this entire situation as a simple attempt to take money from Singer. However, there is a detail that I cannot overlook which confers validity to Michael Egan’s testimony: Marc Collins-Rector. As we can read in the plaintiff’s deposition, the first rape took place in an Encino mansion (the M&C Estate), property of Marc Collins-Rector, a registered sex offender who has plead guilty on multiple child molestation charges. Collins-Rector was a very successful scammer; after securing millions of dollars from investors for his “digital entertainment” company (DEN), he squandered all the money creating a nefarious pedophile ring, raping teenage boys and prostituting them to Hollywood directors and producers. When he was discovered, he quickly fled to Spain, whereupon he continued taking advantage of underage boys.

It is a fact that Marc Collins-Rector forced teenagers to have sexual intercourse with him and with powerful men from the entertainment industry. Although it can be difficult to prove that Bryan Singer was present during one of these parties, it is also a fact that Singer and Collins-Rector were, if not friends, at least acquaintances. What worries me the most, certainly, is this connection between Singer and Collins-Rector. I don't necessarily believe in being “guilty by association”, but Collins-Rector did rape young boys, and one of the victims was Alex Burton (Pyro from Singer’s first X-Men film). Alex Burton and Michael Egan were two of the plaintiffs in a 2000 suit against Marc Collins-Rector and two of his associates. 

I have read the allegations from 2000 and they are consistent with the accusations presented now in 2014. Collins-Rector organized these parties so that big shot Hollywood guys could take sexual advantage of teenaged boys, who were either drugged or persuaded to have sex after being offered roles in movies and a career in Hollywood. Egan’s lawyer, Jeff Herman, has recently filed charges of sexual abuse against powerful producers such as Garth Ancier (Disney), David Neuman (NBC) and Gary Goddard (The Goddard Group); supposedly, these men were also a part of Collins-Rector’s pedophile ring. Even if Singer proves that he neither orally copulated nor anally raped Michael Egan in the Encino parties in 1998 and in Hawaii in 2000, he will still have to explain the nature of his incriminatory connection with Marc Collins-Rector. 

The truth, however, remains unchanged. Hollywood’s scandals (sexual or otherwise) are frequent. The system of the “casting coach” was famous even in the 40s or 50s, a time in which aspiring actresses would provide sexual favors to directors or producers in order to become movie stars. However the situation here is entirely different. We are not talking about adults, we are talking about underage boys. And we are also talking about pedophilia and ephebophilia, and the heinous crimes committed by men in a position of power within the film industry.

And with power comes impunity. We have the case of Jimmy Savile, a powerful figure in the British television industry; for several decades he raped and sexually molested almost 500 children and teenagers; some of his victims pressed charges but the lawsuits did not prosper. Evidence of Savile’s debauchery only came to the surface 50 years later. In a similar venue, Victor Salva (director of “Jeepers Creepers” and other popular horror movies), sexually molested a 12-year-old boy and had the audacity to film it; that videotape was evidence enough to send him to jail for years, but for some reason Salva was incarcerated only for a few months and to this day continues to make movies mostly with young male actors. There are many examples that demonstrate how the law rarely applies to the rich and how money can help men to commit crimes and get away with it.

Many underage actors have been victims of sexual abuse and few have been able to survive these traumatic experiences. River Phoenix (“Stand by Me”, “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”) was sexually molested when he was only 12 years old. I can only try to imagine the suffering he went through and I can also understand why he eventually developed an addiction to illegal substances; in the end, being drugged might have been the only way to silence the pain. River Phoenix died at a young age of an accidental drug overdose.

Contemporary to River Phoenix, Corey Haim (“Lucas”, “The Lost Boys”) was also a teen idol and a superstar. However, in the set of Lucas “Haim, innocent and ambitious as he was, allowed himself to be sodomized” by a Hollywood mogul. Corey Haim was 14 years old and the man who sodomized him was 42; it is believed that Corey was abused by either David Nicksay or David Geffen (both wealthy Hollywood producers), but it didn’t end there. Corey Haim continued to be raped by a number of Hollywood big shots (one of them was rumored to be director Joel Schumacher, although these rumors in particular cannot be verified). Concurrently, another famous child actor named Corey Feldman (“The Goonies”, “Gremlins”) was also the victim of several pedophiles who were powerful figures in the film industry. At that time, many people knew what was going on, some executives would even make fun of the child stars saying things like “Oh yeah, the Coreys, everyone's had them”. I cannot imagine how anyone could survive after so much pain and suffering, but this clearly affected their lives and turned them into drug addicts. Corey Haim had many problems as a consequence of his drug addiction, and after making millions of dollars in the box office he eventually went bankrupt and died of health problems related to his drug addiction. It was a tragic loss. I really admired Corey Haim as an actor and I was devastated to find out what had happened to him as a child.

A few years later, underage actors Jonathan Brandis (“The Neverending Story II”, “Sidekicks”) and Christopher Pettiet (“Point Break”, “Boys”) started to become famous. However, it was also suggested by well-connected sources that they both were victims of sexual abuse. Christopher died of an accidental drug overdose and Jonathan committed suicide. They were both quite young when they died. It has also been said that Heath Ledger was sexually abused, but those rumors were debunked as they do not come from verifiable sources (that is why I’m not including him on this list).

Finally, talented actor Brad Renfro (“The Client”, “Apt Pupil”) was another victim of the institutionalized child abuse that runs rampant in Hollywood. Brad was allegedly raped at age 12 by Joel Schumacher but it is also possible that other directors he worked with sexually exploited him. As a consequence, he became a drug addict and eventually died of an accidental drug overdose. I considered Brad Renfro as one of the best actors of his generation, and I still remember how shocked and saddened I was when he passed away. As you can all see, this wasn’t an isolated event. This is an atrocious pattern that is systematically repeated every decade. There are many wonderful and gifted actors that share the same tragic destiny. And unless things change, Hollywood will continue to be responsible for the death of the brightest and the youngest.

Considero que, en los últimos días, nos hemos apresurado al establecer ciertos dictámenes. Bryan Singer (director de “X-Men: Days of Future Past”) ha sido demandado por abusar sexualmente de un chico de 15 años en 1998. Algunos consideran que su acusador (Michael Egan) es un mentiroso, y otros están listos para atacar al cineasta, calificándolo de pedófilo. No obstante, en nuestra prisa, olvidamos el principio del tercio excluido de Aristóteles, y permitimos que la prensa sensacionalista forme (o más bien deforme) nuestro juicio.

Hasta que nuevas evidencias salgan a la luz, no puedo corroborar ni mucho menos negar la veracidad de las acusaciones del señor Egan, pero sin tener en cuenta el resultado de esta demanda, Singer está ahora bajo la lupa. Luego de una inspección preliminar, los argumentos de Egan parecían ser dolosos e inverosímiles. En primer lugar, esta es una demanda civil, eso significa que incluso si es que Singer es encontrado culpable de todo lo que se le imputa, no será procesado criminalmente. El único propósito de una demanda civil es obtener una reparación, es decir, una compensación monetaria (en este caso particular, el monto inicial es de 300,000 dólares y una suma adicional establecida por la corte). Crear esta pesadilla de relaciones públicas apenas un mes antes del estreno de la nueva película de Singer es extremadamente conveniente para Egan. Para lograr que se calle y para minimizar la mala publicidad, Singer (o cualquiera en su lugar) probablemente consideraría pagar una fuerte suma de dinero antes de que la situación se salga de control.
fueron abusados sexualmente por pedófilos de
Hollywood.  El Suicidio y la sobredosis  accidental
los mandó a la tumba cuando aún eran jóvenes.

Algunos han señalado que Singer tiene precedentes de conducta impropia. De hecho, en 1997 tres adolescentes que actuaban como extras en “Apt Pupil” presentaron cargos en contra del director y su equipo de filmación. Los tres muchachos dijeron que no se les informó que deberían estar completamente desnudos durante una escena en la ducha y que sus genitales fueron fotografiados por uno de los camarógrafos de Singer. He estudiado extensamente estos alegatos y considero que carecen de fundamento. Hubo docenas de extras y solamente tres consideraron que algo sospechoso estaba sucediendo; además, todos los extras y sus padres o guardianes legales fueron informados de la necesidad de desnudez durante la escena en la ducha. Aquellos que se sintieron incómodos o que eran demasiado jóvenes aparecerían en la escena de los vestuarios, usando toallas alrededor de la cintura o ropa interior. Incluso los chicos que demandaron a Singer admitieron que, al rehusarse a quitarse la ropa interior, fueron simplemente reubicados en el vestuario.

Otros han intentado mancillar la reputación de Singer al señalar su preferencia por los "twinks". No obstante, si un hombre de 48 años decide tener una cita con un chico de 18 años, entonces esa es su prerrogativa y no hay nada ilegal en ello. Es un “secreto a gritos” que Bryan Singer y Roland Emmerich (ambos directores abiertamente gays) organizan bulliciosas fiestas en las que centenares de jovencitos se esfuerzan por ser seleccionados para “sesiones privadas de casting”; y aunque es moralmente reprobable que ellos abusen de su popularidad o status como exitosos directores de Hollywood, aun así no hay nada ilegal en estas actividades.

Así que sin ningún precedente de conducta impropia y con la oportunista fecha de las acusaciones del señor Egan, estaba listo para desdeñar todo este asunto como un simple intento de quitarle dinero a Singer. Sin embargo, hay un detalle que no puedo pasar por alto y que confiere validez al testimonio de Michael Egan: Marc Collins-Rector. Tal como podemos leer en el legajo del demandante, la primera violación ocurrió en una mansión en Encino (la finca M&C), propiedad de Marc Collins-Rector, un predador sexual registrado que confesó ser culpable de múltiples cargos de abuso sexual a menores de edad. Collins-Rector era un exitosísimo estafador; después de conseguir millones de dólares de inversionistas para su compañía de “entretenimiento digital” (DEN por sus siglas en inglés), dilapidó todo ese dinero creando una nefasta red de pedofilia, violando adolescentes y prostituyéndolos con directores y productores de Hollywood. Cuando fue descubierto, huyó rápidamente a España, en donde continuó aprovechándose de jovencitos menores de edad.

Es un hecho que Marc Collins-Rector obligó a los adolescentes a tener sexo con él y con poderosos hombres de la industria del entretenimiento. Aunque puede ser difícil probar que Bryan Singer estuvo presente durante alguna de estas fiestas, también es un hecho que Singer y Collins-Rector eran, si bien no amigos, al menos sí conocidos. Lo que más me preocupa, ciertamente, es esta conexión entre Singer y Collins-Rector. No creo necesariamente que se pueda ser "culpable por asociación", pero Collins-Rector violó a chicos jóvenes, y una de las víctimas fue Alex Burton (Pyro en la primera película de X-Men de Singer). Alex Burton y Michael Egan fueron dos de los demandantes en un acto judicial del 2000 en contra de Marc Collins-Rector y dos de sus asociados.

He leído los alegatos del 2000 y son consistentes con las acusaciones presentadas ahora en el 2014. Collins-Rector organizaba estas fiestas para que lo más poderosos de Hollywood pudieran aprovecharse sexualmente de adolescentes varones, quienes eran drogados o persuadidos para tener sexo a cambio de papeles en una película y una carrera en Hollywood. Recientemente el abogado de Egan, Jeff Herman, ha presentado cargos de abuso sexual en contra de poderosos productores como Garth Ancier (Disney), David Neuman (NBC) y Gary Goddard (Grupo Goddard); supuestamente, estos hombres también formaban parte del círculo de pedófilos de Collins-Rector. Incluso si es que Singer demuestra que no hubo copulación oral ni violación anal en detrimento de Michael Egan en las fiestas en Encino en 1998 y en Hawaii en el 2000, aun así tendrá que explicar la naturaleza de su incriminatorio vínculo con Marc Collins-Rector. 

La verdad, no obstante, es inalterable. Los escándalos de Hollywood (sexuales o de otra índole) son frecuentes. El sistema del “sillón del casting” era famoso incluso en los 40s o 50s, una época en la que aspirantes a actrices proporcionaban favores sexuales a directores o productores para convertirse en estrellas. Sin embargo, la situación aquí es enteramente distinta. No estamos hablando de adultos sino de chicos menores de edad. Y también estamos hablando de pedofilia y efebofilia, y de los monstruosos crímenes cometidos por hombres en una posición de poder dentro de la industria del cine.

Y con el poder viene la impunidad. Tenemos el caso de Jimmy Savile, una poderosa figura de la industria televisiva británica; por varias décadas abusó sexualmente y violó a casi 500 niños y adolescentes; algunas de sus víctimas presentaron cargos pero las demandas no prosperaron. La evidencia de la depravación de Savile sólo salió a flote 50 años más tarde. De manera similar, Victor Salva (director de “Jeepers Creepers” y otras populares películas de terror), abusó sexualmente de un niño de 12 años, y tuvo la audacia de filmar el acto; esa cinta de video era evidencia suficiente para que lo mandaran a la cárcel por años, pero por alguna razón Salva solamente estuvo encarcelado por unos cuantos meses y hasta el día de hoy continúa haciendo películas, casi siempre con actores muy jóvenes. Hay muchos ejemplos que demuestran cómo la ley raramente se aplica a los ricos y cómo el dinero puede ayudar a los hombres a cometer crímenes y a salir impunes. 

Muchos actores menores de edad han sido víctimas de abuso sexual y pocos han sido capaces de sobrevivir a estas traumáticas experiencias. River Phoenix (“Stand by Me”, “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”) fue abusado sexualmente cuando tenía apenas 12 años. Sólo puedo intentar imaginar su sufrimiento pero lo que sí puedo entender es que eventualmente él desarrollase una adicción a las sustancias ilegales; al final, estar drogado pudo haber sido la única forma de silenciar el dolor. River Phoenix murió bastante joven de una sobredosis accidental de drogas.

Contemporáneo a River Phoenix, Corey Haim (“Lucas”, “The Lost Boys”) también fue un ídolo juvenil y una súper estrella. Sin embargo, en el set de Lucas “Haim, inocente y ambicioso como era, permitió que lo sodomizara” un magnate de Hollywood. Corey Haim tenía 14 años y el hombre que lo sodomizó tenía 42; se cree que Corey fue abusado por David Nicksay o David Geffen (ambos acaudalados productores de Hollywood), pero no fue la única vez. Corey Haim siguió siendo violado por numerosos cargos altos de Hollywood (se rumorea que uno de ellos fue el director Joel Schumacher, aunque estos rumores en particular no pueden ser verificados). Al mismo tiempo, otro famoso astro infantil llamado Corey Feldman (“The Goonies”, “Gremlins”) también fue la victima de varios pedófilos que eran figuras influyentes en la industria del cine. En ese entonces, mucha gente sabía lo que estaba pasando, algunos ejecutivos incluso se burlaban de las estrellas infantiles diciendo cosas como “Oh sí, los Corey, todo el mundo se los ha tirado”. No puedo imaginar cómo lograron sobrevivir después de tanto dolor y sufrimiento, pero claramente esto afectó sus vidas y los convirtió en drogadictos. Corey Haim tuvo muchos problemas como consecuencia de su adicción a las drogas, y después de ganar millones de dólares en la taquilla, quedó en bancarrota y murió de problemas de salud relacionados a su drogadicción. Fue una trágica pérdida. Realmente admiraba a Corey Haim como actor y quedé devastado al descubrir lo que le había pasado en su infancia.

Pocos años más tarde, los actores menores de edad Jonathan Brandis (“The Neverending Story II”, “Sidekicks”) y Christopher Pettiet (“Point Break”, “Boys”) empezaron a hacerse famosos. Sin embargo, fuentes bien conectadas han sugerido que ambos fueron víctimas de abuso sexual. Christopher murió de una sobredosis accidental de drogas y Jonathan se suicidó. Los dos eran bastante jóvenes al momento de morir. También se ha dicho que Heath Ledger fue abusado sexualmente, pero estos rumores fueron desacreditados al no provenir de fuentes verificables (es por eso que no lo incluyo en esta lista). 

Finalmente, el talentoso actor Brad Renfro (“The Client”, “Apt Pupil”) fue otra víctima del abuso infantil institucionalizado que desborda Hollywood. Brad fue supuestamente violado a la edad de 12 años por Joel Schumacher pero también es posible que fuese explotado sexualmente por otros de los directores con los que trabajó. Como consecuencia, se volvió un drogadicto y eventualmente murió de una sobredosis accidental de drogas. Consideraba a Brad Renfro como uno de los mejores actores de su generación, y todavía recuerdo el impacto y la tristeza que sentí cuando falleció. Como todos pueden ver, esto no fue un evento aislado. Este es un esquema atroz que se repite sistemáticamente cada década. Hay muchos actores maravillosos y talentosos que comparten un mismo destino trágico. Y a menos que las cosas cambien, Hollywood continuará siendo responsable de la muerte de los mejores y los más jóvenes.


  1. Muy buena investigación que has hecho arion, no tenía idea de muchas cosas, ni siquiera sabía que el director Singer era gay, no vamos a poder estar seguros realmente de nada ya como dices bastante opurtunista demandarlo un mes antes del estreno de la película pero a la vez esta el detalle como dices era conocido de Marc Collins-Rector.

    Aquí lo malo es como dices, no que los actores hagan favores sexuales para obtener papeles sino que se este abusando de niños, que horrible es lo que hay debajo de las ilusionoes de Hollywood.


    1. Hollywood tiene historias terribles, y parece que con el paso de los años, el asunto cada vez empeora más. Para redactar este post realicé una investigación bastante a fondo, y la verdad es que hay un punto en el que sentí que ya no podía más y me detuve.

      Se ha anunciado que Amy Berg, una cineasta especializada en documentales, ha estado investigando casos de abuso sexual en Hollywood durante los últimos años para un nuevo documental . No me imagino lo que habrá encontrado, pero lo cierto es que debe haber tenido mucha fortaleza para escarbar entre tanta basura.

  2. Quise decir estén abusando.

  3. I would like to know WHERE ARE ALL THE PARENTS while all these alleged abuses are going on???

    If anyone should be investigated, perhaps some of these parents should be looked into. Remember that 2nd lawsuit against Michael Jackson? I think if I had a kid, and if Michael had already been accused of something involving children, whether guilty or not, THE LAST PERSON I WOULD ALLOW MY CHILD TO "SPEND THE NIGHT" WITH WOULD BE MICHAEL! Why weren't the parents of that 2nd kid railroaded for "child endangerment" or something? And all these child actors going to all these alleged "sex parties," where are their parents/agents/guardians? Until I turned 18 and moved out of my house, my parents knew exactly where I was, all of the time! There needs to be better parenting classes taught in high school - oh, wait, we can't talk about being parents to kids, it might encourage them to have sex! This country is so messed up! Half the reason this crap goes on is because people are afraid to educate their kids about biology (sex). Everybody has sex, but nobody is allowed to talk about it. Nearly everybody has had a boob in his/her mouth, and it is the most natural way for a Mother to feed her babies, yet, it is a crime for a female to go topless on the beach... It should be a crime for a male with hairy man-boobs, or worse, HAIRY BACK-BOOBS, to go topless on the beach!
    Anyway... I agree, if someone 50 years old wants to hang out with a bunch of 18 year-old kids and buy them all cars and fly them all over the planet, its his money, and it is legal. The problem with having 18 year-old friends is, some of them are friends with 15, 16 & 17 year-old kids. It is only a matter of time before some of those tag-along twinks lie about their age and wind up doing adult things that some adults probably shouldn't be doing in the first place...

    1. Instead of the solution, parents usually are a big part of the problem. For a lot these parents, their children are a way to get rich. We've seen that happen with Macaulay Culkin or Corey Feldman. The parents get rich while they're in charge of their children's money, and once the kids come of age and can take control over the money they have earned doing movies, lo and behold, there is no money left. If we take this premise, parents obsessed with getting rich, then it'll be perfectly logical for them to endanger their children so long as they receive a big, fat paycheck at the end of the day. Of course, most of them can say they didn't know what was going on, but parenting means it's their job to make an effort and be aware of what is happening with their children.

  4. pretty nice blog, following :)

  5. he better be not guilty. i would be super sad if he was guilty...

    1. I know what you mean. I really admire Singer as a director, and I consider Apt Pupil as one of the best 100 films I've seen in my life (and I've seen thousands!). So far, there is no conclusive evidence against Singer. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

    2. I agree! I've heard the Victor Salva stories and the accusations against Singer. One question. Where do you get your sources for some of the rumors about other moguls? I'm curious to do my own research. I heard they had to cut and change the shower scene in Apt Pupil because of the controversy. Thanks for the info and hopefully leading me to sources.

  6. Great Blog! You're good at researching

    1. Thank you! I spent a lot of time doing research and reading so many articles about Hollywood's dirty little secrets.

  7. This was a great read as it coincides with a lot of research I have been doing recently. The most interesting revelations to me are the actors I enjoyed the most, some of the movies I enjoyed the most, ended up being child sexual abuse victims, and made by pedophiles. I still recall the first time I saw Brad Renfro in The Client, Apt Pupil, and The Cure. Especially in Apt Pupil the homoeroticism was very palpable, and the it turns out that Ian McKellen had numerous connections to known pedophiles. I could always just feel something from him, and the other actors as well, even actresses. Hayden Panettiere, Amanda Bynes, I felt something from them as well and used to discuss it constantly with friends. Only to find out they were a part of a prostitution ring to executives and Hollywood moguls. Also Liana Liberato like Hayden came out of Texas from an area with a lot of child sexual abuse accusations. Both of these girls got their start playing rape victims, sexualized roles where they were basically groomed on set. Liberato has played I believe 3 child rape victims. Dakota Fanning is another one who played an early rape victim as a child. Plus we know Panettiere got her start on Law and Order SVU as a child rape victim, and in another episode a child rape victim turned prostitute. I have a list of all the actors and actresses I get these vibes from, and a large majority of them are connected to these movies, executives, and scandals. There was something about a lot of these actors, Jonathan Brandis in Sidekicks, Ladybugs (This one especially, seeing him dressed as a girl, with another hot girl was confusing as a youth), and Neverending Story II. Even with the Corey's, I was always able sense something about their energy. I was also extremely intrigued with the movie Powder. I constantly would ponder the scenes that were so homoerotic and I couldn't get over the peculiarity of it all. The touching scene with Goldblum, the constant exposed naked body, the scene where he is staring at the shirtless youth with long hair admiring him in a slow pan. Always an itch at the back of my mind, something was always out of place. This discovery of this information is almost overwhelming, gratifying even to of pinned a reason to this sensation. Finding out that all of these stars have been molested, abused, raped, harassed, shamed, and strong armed into staying silent. The fact that it is actually possible to read someone's face, body language, disposition, and recognize the sexual abuse. I would also like to add that the popularity of these movies, and the protection of these predators might speak to how many children are abused, and what happens when those abused children grow up to work in areas connected with children in the same industry. The Two Corey's was a reality tv show that reveals a lot behind the psychology of both Feldman and Haim. Feldman would constantly talk about women, married an ex-playboy playmate, and accused Haim of being bisexual and in love with him. [to be continued]

  8. This makes me suspect that when they were younger Haim and Feldman slept together, or participated in orgies. That Feldman might actually be homosexual, perpetrated crimes of his own, and doesn't have a choice but remain silent or incriminate himself in crimes. If there are potential billionaires, why wouldn't he go after them financially? Is it really because he holds out hope of being a leading man again, or the more likely scenario that they have tons of dirt? I was deeply saddened when all of these actors passed away. I enjoyed Amanda Bynes in Shes The Man, a lot. So to see her have a break down after being used by Hollywood was incredibly difficult. So many thoughts, but overall to summarize, I was going to write the exact same blog. I am curious what exactly your motives were for writing this? I don't even want to get into Brock Pierce and The First Kid. I loved that movie, but it was another one that gave me an odd sensation. Turns out Brock Pierce is a huge pedophile who has been side-stepping prison for his entire life, while attracting investors for his business pursuits. How easy would it be for a billionaire to bankroll a little boy he used to rape, who helped him rape more victims, and stayed quiet? So much, but look forward to your thoughts! Thanks for writing this...

  9. Anonymous: thank you for your comment. I wrote this article because of the Singer scandal, which subsequently led me to a number of similar accusations against other Hollywood directors and producers. Seems like once you start digging, you find a lot of information out there.

  10. Intriguing although disturbing read... I'm wondering, is there any good evidence for Jonathan Brandis having been abused? If so, could you elaborate? I am sort of fascinated by him (grew up watching his movies and admiring him so I was quite shocked when he died), and there's many confusing versions about what led him to kill himself for real.

    1. If you're asking for the kind of evidence that could persuade judge and jury then I'm afraid there isn't. But then again, coming up with evidence in these sort of cases is always difficult.

    2. I didn´t mean that kind of evidence necessarily; it's just I had never heard even rumors of him having been sexually abused. I have never read anything like it (nor any indications that his sexuality was affected by such an incident, as apparently was the case with Corey Haim?)

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Hi Arion & All,
    Thank you much for this important article.

    I was absolutely disgusted while watching the Two Coreys, hearing the story of those boys being abused, watching Haim bawling his eyes out in a session on a couch just months before he (knowingly or not) took his own life.

    When I learned of his death, I got so DAMN ANGRY that (being a vocalist) I rang a producer friend of mine, and we wrote these two songs in protest, recorded them for charity and tried to do some good by spreading the word that this is NOT ok. I'm now 40, and very retired from music, but here they are:



    I hope you guys like them, and hope one day that someone will be brave enough to catch and/or expose these men for their crimes.

    Anonymous: I'm not sure why Feldman hasn't come forward to identify the perpetrators. My best guess: he was probably forced to sign a legally binding contract re: confidentiality "on-set", which if worded the correct way, could extend any interactions with a director (or other celebrity), etc. That or threatened with his life. As Arion already probably knows, some of these dudes have lethal connections and dirty cops on their side.

    The actions of these men have harmed too many children over the past several decades and have resulted in a TERRIBLE loss of life, not to mention talent.

    R.I.P. to all the poor souls out there who have taken their own lives as a response to events like these, and a MASSIVE HUG and camaraderie to those who struggle to survive these incidents, which are an act of war on childhood.


    1. Thank you for your message Brooke. This particular post has caused serious problems, and some people have even threatened to sue the blog owner for libel, while others have simply sabotaged the blog (in fact, during months the blog appeared as a “dangerous” site and it became difficult to access the blog). Fortunately, with the support of two very good lawyers, these threats were averted. All this proves, beyond any doubts, that the article is, indeed, true; and also that despite the dire repercussions, this blog remains a beacon of free speech.

  12. I think the Hollywood seem successfully mind control Brad and lure him into the adult world, just like The Children of God took tremendously River's young soul. He did talk too much and I'm proud of him.

    1. Yeah, you're right about that. Perhaps in the future I should write a post about River and his involvement with his parents' religious sect. But I'll have to wait until I finish dealing with the repercussions of this post...

  13. The late Shirley Temple stated in her autobiography, "Child Star" that MGM music director Arthur Freed exposed himself to her in a meeting in his office in 1940; she was 12 years old at the time. Gus Meins, who directed many "Our Gang" aka "Little Rascals" shorts in the 1930s, was later brought up on a "morals charge" of sexually abusing young boys. Meins committed suicide before the case was brought to trial, and opinions are still very divided as to whether he was guilty or not. Is it a coincidence that former "Our Gang" kids Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer and Scotty Beckett lead such troubled lives as adults and met such tragic, early ends? Scotty Beckett's story in particular, is very similar to that of Corey Haim and Brad Renfro. It makes you wonder just how many victims have suffered in silence.

    Christopher Pettiet, well that's pretty much a no-brainer, as his manager/publicist is the now convicted sex offender Bob Villard, who of course is connected to Brock Pierce, whom he photographed many times in the past.

    Brad Renfro's story is a tragic tale of what can happened when children are not protected. His mother was a drug addict (and her pregnancy with him apparently did not stop her from using) and his grandmother obtained custody of him when he was five years old. However, she was clearly not up to the responsibility and he was pretty much left to fend for himself, and this without a doubt extended to his work as a child actor. Again, this makes it all the more vivid when you look at his problems with substance abuse and the fact that he played many dark roles, right up to his final feature film appearance in "The Informers" (2008). It all seemed to be a reflection of what was going on in his own life. Unfortunately, I think he was probably raped multiple times and by different perpetrators, and even if Bryan Singer wasn't one of them, he has too many strong connections to predators in Hollywood to be dismissed from suspicion. After seeing Renfro's final interview and his last film appearances, it was clear that he was a shell of his former self. That poor kid never had a chance. He was so talented and had so much promise, but he didn't see any of that because he was so damaged by all the abuse and neglect he suffered.

    Todd Bridges revealed that his manager sexually abused him for years; this makes me wonder if Dana Plato was also victimized. Too many child actors have ended up on these tragic paths for it to be a coincidence - Anissa Jones and Bridgette Andersen are other sad but classic examples. The late Patty Duke, in her 1988 autobiography, "Call Me Anna" talked about how her managers, John and Ethel Ross, attempted to molest her on multiple occasions. When it was revealed that both Corey Haim and Corey Feldman were sexually abused, so many things started to make sense. I'm grateful that Haim revealed the truth before he tragically died, and I respect Corey Feldman for talking about it, despite his detractors who go out of their way to bash him. He can't name names due to the statute of limitations, but just the fact that he's talking about it is very courageous of him. Ditto Elijah Wood, who has stated that he was not victimized himself but is aware that it has been happening. Some people who have come forward have done so anonymously because they're so afraid of being stigmatized, and being criticized for not coming forward sooner. It's terrible how the victims/survivors are put on trial while the perpetrators have all the rights. That has to change.

    1. Hi Muirmaiden: first of all, I wanted to say thank for such an informative post. I wasn’t aware of all the terrible cases that happened in previous decades, but it’s obvious to me, as it has been stated in the article, that this is like a vicious circle and every generation seems to suffer the same fate in Hollywood.

      Brad Renfro’s story is certainly quite tragic. He was one of my favorite actors and when he died at such a young age I was devastated. For some people it might be hard to understand, after all, I never met him in real life or anything, but I followed his career as an actor and I really admired his work. I guess that’s why I felt the need to talk about him in this post.

      Unfortunately, this particular post has had severe repercussions. I’ve been attacked and threatened several times, and I must say I did not have any when I had to deal with certain people trying to sue me for simply expressing my opinion as a blogger. It’s very unlikely that I’ll write about Hollywood’s dirty secrets again. Like you said, the perpetrators are still out there but the victims are suffering, and if someone like me sympathizes or openly supports the victims, then I’ll be attacked and threatened. Isn’t that unfair?

    2. You're very welcome, Arion. I've been looking into this for quite a while myself. Have you noticed how "child stars gone wrong" are ridiculed and discredited in the media, and if they die young their contributions are either downplayed or outright ignored? Notice that Corey Haim, Brad Renfro, Christopher Pettiet and Jonathan Brandis were not including in the Oscar memorial segments when they passed? And it goes back further - Bobby Driscoll, who was a major child star in the 1940s and early 1950s (he won a special Oscar for his performance in the classic film noir "The Window" in 1949), and was Disney's first major child star, was later dumped by that same studio for "going through an awkward phase" and ended up on the same tragic paths of others who followed - drugs, trouble with the law, and an early death. He's barely mentioned in books about Disney and he's never been inducted into the Disney Hall Of Fame, which is outrageous when you consider how much money he made for that studio. This is not a coincidence; this is the industry trying to protect itself.

      I grew up in an abusive home; movies, television, music and books were my escape. It's ironic that so many child actors who helped me through my own difficult past were robbed of childhoods themselves, forced to work at early ages, and many had the burden of supporting their families. Add predators to that mix, it's really no wonder that so many of them became troubled. Thankfully, I managed to stay away from alcohol and drugs, but I was messed up for a long time. Feeling terrified, ashamed and guilty about things that aren't your fault and that you feel you can't tell anyone is the loneliest feeling you can imagine.

      I also found it strange that throughout his career, Brad Renfro didn't get that much media coverage (except when it came to his trouble with the law), even in his teen years. I know girls loved him (I can't say I had a crush on him myself, as he was three years younger than me, but I certainly recognized his talent). There was very little on him in teen magazines, nothing about his family, no pictures of his grandmother, etc. Even when he died, it was overshadowed by Heath Ledger's passing. Even in his early roles, he played kids who were forced to take care of themselves, and then later, he played people who were damaged in some way. It was almost as though he was trying to tell us something through his work. The director of his last movie, "The Informers" noted that Brad was very sad during filming, and that he had a rough life, and "awful things had happened to him". People in the industry must have at least some idea, but very few people will come right out and say it, and fear seems to be the main reason.

      I know you can't necessarily pick predators out of the crowd, but Mark Collins-Rector is creepy as hell! Plastic-looking, with an evil penetrating stare. I think Brock Pierce was used (willingly) due to his connections in the industry, to help procure young boys for DEN and its investors. There is also a photo of Brad Renfro and Brock Pierce together around the time of "Apt Pupil" (1998). Like I said, too many connections.

      I can't blame you for not wanting to put yourself in a position to be threatened and harassed again. It's not fair, but I understand why you don't want to write posts like this again. But the fact that you wrote and posted it was very courageous, since many people are not willing to discuss this issue. Your safety is important. The victims are the ones who deal with the legacy of pain while the perpetrators just go merrily along and choose new victims. Let's hope that there will be more exposure of those creeps and justice will be served in some cases, but the laws will have to change for that to happen.

      Thank you again for your research and hard work.

    3. Hi Muirmaiden: I agree with you. Child actors are frequently ignored; and like you mentioned, not seeing Brad Renfro (or the others) in the memorial segment was quite revealing in its own way.

      About Renfro's roles, I always remember how his character in the film Bully, had been forced to prostitute himself, having sex with older men and even sexually abused at some points. It's almost like a biography.

      Once again, I'm very thankful for your message and your words of encouragement.

  14. Arion, it's so true that so many of Brad's roles reflected how he was victimized in real life; I think he might have been unconsciously drawn to those roles. I also think of "Sleepers" (1996) where he played one of four boys who was beaten and sexually abused by sadistic guards in a juvenile institution. In "Tart" (2001) he played a kid who hung with a rich crowd but who was actually middle-class and ended up stealing and provided sexual favors for older men for money. Even in his last movie, "The Informers" (2008) it is strongly implied that his character was abused by his sadistic uncle (played by Mickey Rourke).

    You're very welcome, and your courage to write about this very important topic is very much appreciated!

    1. Indeed, "Sleeper" and the other films would seem to be some sort of manifestation of his subconcious mind, dealing with traumatic events of his own past. I'm not an actor, but I can imagine taking on these sort of a roles must have been emotionally painful.