December 24, 2010

Pleasing the master / Complaciendo al amo

Last Saturday was such a great day. Once a year I have lunch with María Fe, the friend I have been working with in the past couple of months in Viceversa, and with Fabián, who was our elementary and high school teacher. He's now a successful psychoanalyst but it's always so much fun to meet and talk about our lives and compare things, how they are now and how they were when we were his students. And it's always so much fun. It's curious, but every time I talk to other people nobody believes me I have such good relationships with some of my school teachers, but that's the way our school was, few students and really personalized education. Even the doorman knew everyone by name (and still remembers me even when I've finished high school 9 years ago). Besides the typical jokes only the 3 of us know, we usually make other people laugh, like after lunch our ex-teacher went to buy stuff for Christmas and he made one of the store clerks to try one of those machines to make the hair straight or curly on María Fe, and then he made the clerk took a picture of us holding her hair. Needless, to say everyone was laughing there. It was a very good day. Too bad it's only once a year.


What is the nature of Christmas? Isn’t it to please the other? If it is so, then there is nothing more appropriate to this date than the following drawing, which I inked with a nib over a pencilled sketch (which I’m also posting). If you want a better view of the details, as usual, just click on the image.


Nunca he sido bueno a la hora de dar saludos navideños, así es que ahora no haré el intento. Lo que sí sabré hacer, de manera más apropiada o al menos más entretenida, es hacer un recuento del año ahora que solamente queda una semana más de 2010. ¿Cuál es la fuerza que nos mueve durante estas fechas de arbolitos decorados y regalos? ¿Cuál es, como diría Aristóteles, el motor invisible? ¿Nos acaso la idea de complacer al otro? Si es así, entonces mi próxima dibujo no podría ser más navideño ni aunque fuese un Papa Noel.

Entintado con plumilla sobre un boceto a lápiz (que incluyo). Como siempre, basta con hacer click en la imagen para ver una versión más detallada.


  1. I'm curious as to the story going on here! I would suggest to work on the visible arms of the two fellows in the background watching the fight. Besides that, very nice piece. Love the shadowing/inking.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Greg. And as usual, thank you for stopping by and taking a look at my drawings. I really appreciate that.

    I almost fear I'm drawing you to the dark side.

  3. I'm already a proud resident of the dark side! >:-)

  4. Oh I know. I've always known .