March 21, 2017


I guess this week will revolve around Wolverine. So before talking about John Byrne's take on the emblematic mutant, I thought that it would be a good idea to share with you some very good stories about the mutant with adamantium claw. First of all we have Barry Windsor-Smith's Weapon X:

A fascinating exploration of Wolverine's secret past. And then we also have Rucka and Robertson's impressive first Wolverine arc:


Supongo que esta será una semana centrada en Wolverine, Así que antes de hablar de las historias de Byrne sobre el emblemático mutante, pensé que sería una buena idea compartir con ustedes algunas muy buenas historias sobre el mutante con garras de adamantium. Primero tenemos Weapon X de Barry Windsor-Smith:

Una fascinante exploración del pasado secreto de Wolverine. Y luego tenemos también el impresionante primer arco de Wolverine de  Rucka y Robertson:


  1. Like Superman and Batman he's had a lot of origin stories.

    1. I don't know why DC thought it would be a good idea to change Superman or Batman's origin...

    2. Miller did Year One and Byrne did Man of Steel. That's all you need. I would never try to replace any of those classic stories with newer material.